Masjid Sultan

Volunteer Registration

1. Email
2. Salutation
3. Full Name (as in NRIC)
4. NRIC/ID Number (Last 4 Digit)
5. Age Group
6. Gender
7. Marital Status
8. Citizenship Status
9. Race
10. Contact Number
11. Residential Region
12. What attracted you to join as a volunteer at Masjid Sultan?
Friends/Families that are already part of the volunteer unit
Ustaz/Ustazah/Imam/Bilal of the masjid
The ambience of the mosque
Because it is Masjid Sultan
Get closer to God
To serve the community
13. Why do you wish to volunteer
14. Volunteer interest- please tick those areas o volunteering you are interested in
Event Support: Ushering, registration Counter etc
Tuition/Student Enrichment
Youth Related Programmes
Community Outreach
Fundraising and/or Sponsorship
Influencer on social media
IT/Technical Support
Legal Services, Advice, Talks etc
Training: Design & Deliver Training Programmes/Seminars
Mosque cleaning and the likes
Administrative Work
Children Holiday Programmes
Docent (Tourist Guide)
Marketing Graphic Designing/Media works
Marketing Public Relations and Publicity
Research & Writing
Academic support tasks
Book publishing
15. Details of other skills
Other: Do share with us area(s) that you are keen to volunteer in that us not listed above
16. I am interested to help out in the following area(s) Example Korban, Ramadhan, Qiyamulail, Eid prayers etc (State any other areas not listed)
17. Have you any previous volunteering experience? (If yes please provide detail)
18. Do you have any other work/volunteer experience you feel may be relevant?
19. How often would you be able to offer the above availability?
Ad hoc basis
20. Ideas you would like to contribute as a volunteer
21. I acknowledge and agree that (a) I am voluntarily donating my services (b)my donated services are of a charitable and /or humanitarian purpose (c) I neither expect not have been promised compensation or a position of employment
22. I also hereby voluntarily and knowingly assume all risks of damages and injury which I may sustain or incur while volunteering in or as a result of or in any way arising out of volunteering my services or in travel to and from such volunteer activity
23. I acknowledge that Masjid Sultan will collect, use and disclose my personal data in accordance with the Persona Data Protection Act 2012 ("Act"). I also acknowledge that Masjid Sultan will also take reasonable efforts to take appropriate preventive measures to ensure that my personal data is adequately protected and secured